• Re-usable upto 10 years. Free storage case and satin carry pouch. Leak-proof upto 12 hrs. Wash and reuse any number of times.
  • Target audience: female; color: purple.
  • It is tested/certified by govt of India approved sri RAM institute. Bangalore, certified by ce europe, FDA USA compliant, RoHS europe compliant and tested and certified.
  • Personalized options to choose as per age, physical type, menstrual flow and vaginal birth because every women is different so is their menstrual cup. Standard model - suitable for women who do physical exercise/ more than normal weight. Large size - age more than 25 years/ had vaginal birth/ normal to heavy menstrual flow. Color: pink. Cup: medium soft cup.
  • Guarantee even after the best of research you feel you have purchased the wrong cup, don't worry speak to our counselling team, we will help select the right cup and provide. After purchase of your menstrual cup if you happen to find any difficulty using it or have doubts regarding its usage , please whatsapp/message or call our given on the package and we will assist you.
  • Imported from INDIA.
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Lady Go Reusable Menstrual Cup - Active Model - Large (Purple)