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  • ✓ ENJOY THE FRUITS OF MONTHS OF SEARCHING - As we searched for exciting new blends of matcha, we were introduced to a lovely 137 year old tea estate in Kagoshima, Japan..
  • ✓ UNIQUE TASTE AND EXCELLENT FLAVOR – A dark, intense taste with notes of raw cacao makes this an excellent blend of matcha for usucha and our “matcha shot” (instructions below). Zero unpleasant bitterness and absolutely no astringency..
  • ✓ORGANIC CEREMONIAL GRADE MATCHA - Certified organic by JAS (recognised by USDA) for peace of mind and subject to radiation and heavy metals testing. Made from the First Harvest tea leaves from the hilly Kirishima region just outside of Kagoshima city. The tea plants are shade grown, processed into tencha at modern facilities and only ground into matcha powder right before it leaves Japan for the USA..
  • ✓ IMPROVE YOUR FOCUS WITHOUT COFFEE – Unlike the typical caffeine explosion from coffee, the amino acid L-theanine in Naoki Matcha slowly releases the caffeine instead. Matcha is also naturally gluten and sugar free, and is a healthy source of antioxidants..
  • ✓ PROUDLY MADE IN KAGOSHIMA - Uji and Kyoto may be the spiritual homes of matcha, but Kagoshima is rapidly growing as a producer of quality matcha. The volcanic soil in Kagoshima has a unique terroir and the tea estates’ there are willing to depart from tradition to create bold new tastes and flavors..
  • Imported from USA.
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Naoki Matcha (Organic First Spring Blend, 40g / 1.4oz) - Authentic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic Ceremonial Grade from Kagoshima, Japan