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Office Electronics > Calculators > Product: 47867783

Casio Graphics Calculator FX-9750GII

AED 549
Style Name: Calculator

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Product Description

Solve equations with integral, differential, and probability functions

USB port


Zoom, Trace, Plot, Scroll.Data exchange with other graphics calculators (optional SB-62) or PC possible

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Imported from UK

Style Name:Calculator

< b>casio Graphics Calculator FX-9750GII


* Solves equations with integral/ differential and probability functions
* REF/PREF function
* Random Integers
* Unit converter
* ggT und kgV function
* Remainder
* Chi-squared GOF Function
* Pie charts and bar graphics
* Financial mathematics and depreciations
* Pre-installed ECON2 application for measurement value logging
* Overhead panel compatible with any FX-9750GII
* USB port

Features * Open (e.g. windows options) settings by mouse click (similar to a PC mouse click)
* Dynamic/Transformation
* Inequality (auto shading)
* Parametric
* Polar
* Zoom, Trace, Plot, Scroll
* Table of function values
* Integral calculus
* Complex numbers
* Editor
* Matrices (max. 12 x 255)
* Simultaneous equation solver
* SCI/FIX/ENG Features
* 26 levels of parenthesis
* Converts polar coordinates in rectangular coordinates and inverse
* Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions
* Calculations in centesimal degree, arc degree and radian
* Converts sexagesimal in decimal and inverse
* Automatic fraction calculation
* Random number generator
* Sign Change
* 2D Statistics
* Permutation, combinatorics
* Regression analysis
* Calculates and converts in decimal/hexadecimal/octal/binary
* Logical connections AND, OR, NOT, XOR und XNOR
* Advanced statistics functions of the evaluated statistics like t-Test, Chi-square Test, normal distribution, binominal
* Finance mathematics functions like interests and compound interests, cash flow, amortisation
* Data exchange with other graphics calculators (optional) or PC possible

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