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Casio Graphics Calculator FX-9750GII
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  • The Casio FX9570G11 is Casio’s most popular Graphic calculator..
  • Recommended for advanced studies, this is a modern dynamic calculator capable of quick graphing and analysis of conic expressions in rectangular, polar and parametric formats..
  • This model is now available with large monochrome 8 line x 21 character display and Icon-Menu for easy Mode choice..
  • Graphic functions include trace, plot, line, scroll, cut-out extension, graph scale down, pie chart and bar chart (in STAT mode)..
  • 61kb program-memory.
  • Large monochrome display 8 lines x 21 characters.
  • Icon-Menu for easy Mode choice.
  • Integral Graphing (in GRAPH mode).
  • Pie, Barchart (in STAT mode).
  • Please note that this product (Barcoded 4971850186045) is the genuine FX-9750GII Graphic Calculator from Casio and approved for use within the UK.
  • Imported from UK.
Style Name:Calculator < b>CASIO Graphics Calculator FX-9750GII New * Solves equations with integral/ differential and probability functions * REF/PREF function * Random Integers * Unit converter * ggT und kgV function * Remainder * Chi-squared GOF Function * Pie charts and bar graphics * Financial mathematics and depreciations * Pre-installed ECON2 application for measurement value logging * Overhead panel compatible with any FX-9750GII * USB port Features * Open (e.g. windows options) settings by mouse click (similar to a PC mouse click) * Dynamic/Transformation * Inequality (auto shading) * Parametric * Polar * Zoom, Trace, Plot, Scroll * Table of function values * Integral calculus * Complex numbers * Editor * Matrices (max. 12 x 255) * Simultaneous equation solver * SCI/FIX/ENG Features * 26 levels of parenthesis * Converts polar coordinates in rectangular coordinates and inverse * Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions * Calculations in centesimal degree, arc degree and radian * Converts sexagesimal in decimal and inverse * Automatic fraction calculation * Random number generator * Sign Change * 2D Statistics * Permutation, combinatorics * Regression analysis * Calculates and converts in decimal/hexadecimal/octal/binary * Logical connections AND, OR, NOT, XOR und XNOR * Advanced statistics functions of the evaluated statistics like t-Test, Chi-square Test, normal distribution, binominal distribution * Finance mathematics functions like interests and compound interests, cash flow, amortisation * Data exchange with other graphics calculators (optional) or PC possible